The ceramics shown in this gallery serve as an exemplar of genre and may have been sold. Similar pieces are available for sale or can be commissioned.


This work is mainly hand thrown domestic ware. The form of the pots is often altered for aesthetic reasons but function remains an important consideration.


The work is once fired in a reduction atmosphere to Orton cone 10. Various slips and glazes are applied.

Ben Barker - Domestic Ware - Jug 13cm H Ben Barker - Domestic Ware - Jug 24cm H Ben Barker - Jugs - Largest 16cm H Ben Barker - Serving Dish - 23cm D Ben Barker - Mugs - 8cm H Ben Barker - Tankard - 10cm H
Ben Barker - Teapot - 14cm H Ben Barker - Vases & Low Dish - Dish 28cm D Ben Barker - Mixing Bowl - 15cm D Ben Barker - Storage Jar - 20cm H Ben Barker - Hexagonal & Square Pots - Bowl 17cm D Ben Barker - Domestic Ware -  Jug 14cm H

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