The ceramics shown in this gallery serve as an exemplar of genre and may have been sold. Similar pieces are available for sale or can be commissioned.


Raku pots are created in clay capable of withstanding the dramatic heating and cooling changes they have to survive. The pots are fired in either a top hat or barrel kiln depending on the nature of the work being made. See Raku workshops for more information.


Glazes, reduction, terra sigillata, horse hair, organic materials, ferric chloride, naked raku and saggars are experimented with to create expressive surface colour and texture.

Ben Barker - Copper Glaze Pot - 18cm H Ben Barker - Barrel Fired Porcelain - 16cm H Ben Barker - White Crackle Glaze Dish - 19cm D Ben Barker - Terra Sigillata Vessel - 20cm H Ben Barker - Slip & Glaze Decorated Dish - 30cm D Ben Barker - Naked Raku Vessel - 18cm H
Ben Barker - Copper Glaze Teapot - 12cm H Ben Barker - Ferric Chloride Saggar Fired Pot - 28cm H Ben Barker - Carbonised Pinch Pot - 12cm D Ben Barker - Oxide, Glaze & Text Decorated Form - 44cm H Ben Barker - Barrel Fired Seed Pod Sculpture - 18cm W Ben Barker - Pit Fired Vessel - 19cm H

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