The ceramics shown in this gallery serve as an exemplar of genre and may have been sold. Similar pieces are available for sale or can be commissioned.

Decorative porcelain

These pieces are unique and labour intensive to make. Geometric sgraffito decoration is drawn into a blue/black ground to create designs that often echo styles from ancient cultures.


The work is once fired in a reduction atmosphere to Orton cone 10. The ceramics is gilded with 23 carat gold which requires a separate firing.

Ben Barker - Vase - 17cm H Ben Barker - Bowl - 25cm D Ben Barker - Plate - 32cm D Ben Barker - Bowl - 35cm D Ben Barker - Plate - 24cm D Ben Barker - Pedestal Dish - 14cm D
Ben Barker - Flute Vase - 21cm H Ben Barker - Bowl - 23cm D Ben Barker - Plate - 24cm D Ben Barker - Vases - Tallest 17cm H Ben Barker - Bowl - 16cm D Ben Barker - Vase - 8cm H

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