The ceramics shown in this gallery serve as an exemplar of genre and may have been sold. Similar pieces are available for sale or can be commissioned.

Black and White porcelain

Each piece is unique and conceived at the time of making. The bowls, bottles and platters are hand thrown on the potters wheel and resolved with minimalist black and white decoration. There is a sense of ambiguity about the work and the twin wall forms are essentially sculptural.


The work is once fired in a reduction atmosphere to Orton cone 10. The pieces are burnished to achieve a smooth surface.

Ben Barker - Bottles - Tallest 26cm H Ben Barker - Plate - 38cm D Ben Barker - Vases - 17cm H Ben Barker - Low Dish - 32cm D Ben Barker - Twin Wall Form - 20cm H Ben Barker - Lidded Pots  - 10cm H
Ben Barker - Twin Wall Form - 17cm H Ben Barker - Bowl  - 34cm D Ben Barker - Pedestal Dish - 15cm D Ben Barker - Bowl - 20cm D Ben Barker - Bottles - Tallest 28cm H Ben Barker - Bowl - 27cm D

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